Thursday, February 4, 2010


On Wednesday, there was a performance of Aida at Janáčkovo divadlo - Brno's largest theater. So Claudia, Tomáš and I joined Helena and Ferro for a night at the opera.

Aida is a four-act melodrama that was composed by Giuseppe Verdi.

Here's the plot...

Aida is an Ethiopian princess that was captured and is now a slave in Egypt. Radames is an Egyptian military commander and he is in love with Aida. Amneris is the Pharaoh's daughter and she is in love with Radames. The kicker is that no one knows Aida is royalty. The Ethopians invade Egypt and Radames is chosen to fight them back which tests everyone's loyalty.

The performance was good and the music was excellent. The only "problem" was that the opera was sung in Italian and the subtitles were all in Czech. It's a good thing that I read a summary of the four acts beforehand so I had an idea of what was happening on stage. But the cool thing was that I was able to pick out quite a few words from the subtitles, so I guess the new Czech lessons are starting to pay off.

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