Sunday, December 16, 2018

Louskáček 2018

This is my 1500th blog post!  I still don't seem to be running out of material.

Yesterday was our annual Christmas tradition to go see Louskáček.  We missed it last year because the Janáček Theatre was still closed for renovations and the performance was washed out in Berlin.

The Janáček Theatre is the biggest theatre in Czechland.  It was built in 1965 and was the largest and best-equipped theatre in Czechoslovakia.  It then cost almost 100 million Czechoslovak Crowns but I have no idea how much that translates to today.

It is primarily used for ballet and opera and besides Louskáček, I've seen a few over the years.  The theatre has been closed for over a year for renovations that cost more than 750 million Kč (~ €29 million / $34 million).

The performing arts in Brno really are top drawer.  Every time there's a performance at Janáčkovo you'll see Austrian tour buses lined up because so many people from Vienna come up for shows that are way less expensive than in Austria.

The renovations look great.  I believe that there is still some ongoing projects behind the scenes which should complete by April 2020.

After the show it was time to stop by the Christmas Market to see the tree.  This was a brief stop because the market was so packed with people and because it was just so dang cold.

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