Sunday, February 28, 2010

Transit Strike

There was supposed to be a strike on Monday, between 4 AM - 9 AM, by the transportation labor unions. This would have meant that the trains, trams, buses, and trolleys would not be running.

Now it looks like the strike has been postponed until Thursday, March 4th. Fortunately, this doesn't really impact me because I can always work from home, if I need to. But this has got to be a pain in the rear for people that have to get to work or have doctor's appointments, etc.

From what I understand, the strike is over a government proposal to more fairly tax employee benefits. It seems that transportation workers have traditionally received free passes and meal vouchers, but these benefits were never really taxed before. Now the government wants to tax these benefits and the transportation labor union unions are upset.

EDIT: The strike on Thursday has been cancelled. I don't know if anything was resolved or not, but all of the public transportation system is supposed to be up & running.

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