Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vienna City Park

The Wiener Stadtpark, Viennese City Park, was the first public park in the Vienna. It opened on August 21, 1862.

The park runs from Parkring, in the First District, up to Heumarkt, in the Third District. The park is 65,303 m² (702,915 ft²).

The Stadtparkbrücke (City Park Bridge) was built in 1857 and used to be called the Karolinenbrücke (Caroline Bridge).

There's a pond, a canal, benches, fountains, some art nouveau style gazebos and plenty of statues.

The most famous statue is a gilded bonze monument of composer Johann Strauß II. It was unveiled on June 26, 1921. Apparently the gilding was removed in 1935 and relaid in 1991.

The Stadtpark is the park with the largest number of monuments and sculptures in Vienna.

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