Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Michal Březina

Michal Březina is a resident of Brno and currently competing in Vancouver. He's just 19 years old and he's the Czech national figure skating champion. In 2010 he placed 4th at the European Championships. It's not like I know him or anything but I've got to cheer for him since he's from Brno.

It's kind of weird for me because I obviously want the U.S. to do well at the Olympics. But I want the Czechs to do well too. My friends and family back home tell me that they are cheering for the Czech athletes too.

He's the only EU skater in the top 10. I think he was underscored and is in 9th place after the short program. Tonight, he performs his long program. If he skates clean, and others make mistakes, then perhaps he'll bring an Olympic medal home to Brno. Hodně štěstí! Good luck!

Here's his gala performance from the 2010 Euros. This isn't the routine he'll do at the Olympics. But this was only an exhibition, and he still went for all of the hard tricks.
EDIT: He skated clean but ended up in 10th place. But hey, 10th place at the Olympics is still pretty damn good!

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  1. I too have this feeling of wanting to root on the Czechs!