Sunday, September 27, 2009

Marcus' 25th B-Day

So Friday I was back in Bratislava for Marcus' 25th birthday party. He wanted guacamole for his party and I was able to get avocados in Brno so I made it Friday when I got there. I don't even mind bragging a was awesome!! Maybe a little too good because we wished we had leftovers the next day.

The party was a blast!! We reserved a room at the Presidentka pub. There were around 25 people that came and most were from IBM. But Eric, one of the marines from last weekend, and his girlfriend Zuzka made it to the party also.

It was also nice to have Janelle back from New York so that the 3 amigos were together again.

We even introduced everyone to Jello shots. Of course, the "downside" was that Marcus or I had to keep demonstrating how to do them. They were a big hit!!

Later on a few of us ended up at Channels in Old Town. It was so much fun dancing and acting crazy. Then Janelle had the bright idea to do flaming shots. Basically it was a buttery nipple shot with absinthe floated on top so that the drink would catch fire. You put the straw in the glass and suck down the drink before the straw catches fire and melts. Good times!!

I swear one weekend I will go to Bratislava and actually see some touristy stuff. But last weekend was the wine festival and this was an overnight visit just for the party. I had to be back in Brno on Saturday afternoon, with Janelle, so we could see the Pope on Sunday.

I've uploaded all of the party pics on Flickr. And my family will be happy to know that I've finally uploaded some where I'm actually in the picture.

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