Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI is making his first visit to the Czech Republic. He will be in Brno on Sunday, September 27th and will give mass out at the airport.

The city expects around 120,000 people to be out at the airport for mass. But I think that a lot of these folks are coming from Slovakia, Poland and Hungary which have large catholic populations.

The Czech Republic is just not a religous country. Almost 60% of the population is agnostic, atheist or non-denominational. Which is odd because they have a lot of beautiful churches here. The communists must have beat religion out of them.

Sister Georgina already has us practicing our hymns in Latin. Mass at the airport is at 10 AM. But Father Josef said we need to be out at the airport by 7 AM. I guess Saturday night will not be a late one.

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