Thursday, September 17, 2009

First Guests

Last weekend I had my first American visitors in Brno. But they only had to travel 1.5 hours from Bratislava, Slovakia. Both are fellow expat IBMers.

So here's the background...
When I first arrived in Brno I received a message on Facebook from Marcus. He is also from Atlanta and we both had the same finance professor at Georgia State. But we never met before. Dr. Ruff gave him my name and we hit it off. Such is the power of Facebook and networking. But leave it to Craig Ruff to know two different people in Atlanta who moved to Eastern Europe for IBM.

Janelle had mentioned to him that she was thinking about coming to see Brno for the weekend. He mentioned that he knew someone who lived here and the next thing you know I have guests. Janelle lived in New York for the last 10 years so like any good Yankee, she likes Atlanta, so we all had that in common.

On Friday night we stumbled across a great Chinese restaurant by old town hall. Asian food isn't that great here. But this was awesome. We followed that up with beer, shots of slivovice (plum brandy) & hruškovica (pear brandy), and dancing. We had a blast!!

Saturday was a lot more mellow as we all recovered. We walked around the city center for a bit and had some lunch. Saturday night we went to the Greek restaurant on my street and came back for movies in the flat.

On Sunday, Janelle went to church with me. Everyone there wants to know when she is coming back and Father Josef was disappointed that she won't be able to see the Pope next weekend because she is visiting New York.

We all had so much fun this weekend. I can't remember the last time I laughed so much. My voice was scratchy until Tuesday. And now I've got a European Atlanta crew for some random adventures.

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  1. Hi friend -

    I knew with your social skills and unique personality that it wouldn't be much of a challenge for you to make friends :)

    I'm happy you are meeting new people and are getting out with them....