Saturday, September 5, 2009

Harvest Festival Parade

On my way to the vegetable market this morning I noticed some people and horses at Česká. On my way back I went by to see what was going on. It was the start of a parade. I didn't know what it was for so I did the only logical thing on such a nice day...I followed the parade.

Even the old historic tram was part of the parade. It was cool seeing all of the traditional Czech costumes. The group went to Mendl Square where I think someone just gave a blessing and then they continued on.

Someone spoke enough English to tell me that this was folklore tradition to celebrate the harvest. Later on, I found out later that they continued from Mendl Square on to the exhibition grounds.

I was lucky to stumble across this. The rest of the pictures are already on Flickr.


  1. If you liked it visit ,Hody, It is traditional feast with traditional music ,dechovka, and costumes held in every moravian village. It is even held in some parts of Brno. These are from the smallest part of Brno - Jundrov a week ago

    Some info if you are interested:

    On 25th and 26th (should be weekend) I believe they are held in Medlanky - part of Brno next to Kralovo pole.

  2. Thanks for the YouTube videos and the Weblink. I'll be sure to check out Medlanky. Thanks again!