Friday, January 14, 2022

Korean BBQ (and More)

After Lucie's birthday last week, a few of us made plans to go for some Korean BBQ.  Mộc BBQ, is a Vietnamese restaurant in Slatina is the only place Brno for Korean BBQ. 

We had quite the feast for five of us and surprisingly it wasn't tragically expensive.  If only it was in the city centre and not way out in Slatina.

Oh how I miss Korean food.  While Korean food isn't easy to come by there is one saving grace and that's the Korean grocery store, Shin K-Food, in the city centre which is where I can get kimchi and gochujang (chill pepper paste).

It seems that there's more history between Czechland and the Korean Peninsula that I previously thought.  Here's a video I found out on YouTube that talks about Czechoslovak Legionnaires supporting Korean independence from the Japanese.   

©Arirang News

Back in the days of socialism, Czechoslovakia was one of the first countries to recognise North Korea.  Diplomatic relations were established in 1948.  After the Soviet Union and China, Czechoslovakia was the third-largest provider of economic aid to Pyongyang.  The North Korean embassy in Prague serves both Czechia and Slovakia.

Diplomatic relations weren't established between Czech Republic and South Korea until 1990.  Today, more than 70 Korean-owned companies operate here in Czechland employing over 16.000 people.  

There are more than 90 Korean companies operating next door in Slovakia.  Kia Motors produces around 200.000 cars a year in Slovakia and I still love the marketing of SlovaKIA.  

In Prague, there's the Czech-Korean Society which is a non-governmental non-profit organisation connecting people and institutions between Czechland and Korea.  They have educational and cultural events but I need to see if they ever do anything in Moravia.

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