Tuesday, January 18, 2022

New Testing Rules

The Czech Ministry of Health has some new rules.  Prior to 11 January, the quarantine period was 14 days, but with a negative PCR test it could be stopped at seven days.

As of 11 January, the mandatory quarantine period, after receiving your first positive test, is now only five days.  There is no exit test but after leaving quarantine you have to wear a respirator for five days.

As of 17 January, companies have to test employees twice a week.  I'm still working from home so this doesn't apply to me.

Before yesterday, two PCR tests per month were free as they were covered by public health insurance.  Now, up to five free PCR tests per month are covered for those who are vaccinated.  As long as you've had the first vaccine dose and are waiting on the second then you also qualify for up to five free PCR tests per month.  Children also qualify for the five free tests per month.

As of yesterday, unvaccinated adults, those over the age of 18, are no longer entitled to a free test.  They now have to pay around 800 Kč (~$32) for a PCR test.

I tested on Sunday, the 16th, and got my results on Monday the 17th.  So I guess the Sunday test counted as one of my two free tests per month.

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