Sunday, January 9, 2022

Lucie's Birthday

Yesterday was Lucie's birthday so it was a great excuse for another karaoke party out at Honza and Aníčka's cottage.  

Lucie has been patiently waiting to rebook her holiday to Korea which was cancelled due to Covid travel restrictions.  That and her love of K-pop meant that we had an Asian inspired birthday party complete with  K-pop karaoke and Soju.   

Honza & Aníčka

It was a lot of fun!!  

I seem to have made the list because after Vašek's birthday, I was invited to both the Christmas party and New Year's parties.  Now Lucie's birthday and it looks like Aleš will have his birthday at the cottage in February.  

I did my best to sing a bit of K-pop but I only know a few songs.  Not that my singing in English, German, or Czech is anyway better.  Next week several of us are going out for Korean BBQ in Brno.  I can't wait for that!

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