Saturday, August 14, 2021

Double Booked

Yesterday I was double booked.  After work, I met up with Vašek, Aleš and Michał at the park at Kraví hora.  We made plans to go hiking on Sunday.  

After a couple of hours of hanging out I headed over to Jan's place for the traditional beer night with the lads, plus Štěpánka.

It was nice catching up with everyone. Especially after the never ending Covid restrictions.  After a while Vilém broke out the guitar for some traditional Czech songs.  I headed home around midnight even though the party was still going strong.  I heard this afternoon that one of the neighbours ended up complaining about the noise.  I just don't know if the "noise" was the general volume or Vilém's guitar playing. LOL!

Thanks to Simona had a birthday surprise for me from the Candy Store

Now I need to get some vanilla ice cream so that I can make a root beer float.  Except for at the Candy Store, root beer doesn't exist here in Czechland so all I can say is that it's the American equivalent of Kofola; kind of like Dr. Pepper but not at all.

A root beer float is pretty simple.  Take a cold mug and add two scoops of vanilla ice cream. Then add root beer.  Some people top it with whipped cream but I don't.  When the root beer hits the ice cream it causes carbon dioxide bubbles to release.  You eat it with a spoon and a straw.  Some people who don't like root beer will swap out Coca-cola and make a coke float instead.  These were always such a treat when I was a kid.

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