Sunday, November 10, 2019

Meeting My Cousin

Who does't fly to Italy for lunch?  Well that's what I did this weekend.  So what had happened was...

My aunt wrote me a message that her granddaughter, so my 2nd cousin, whom I've never met, is studying in Florence.  We got in contact on Facebook and planned to meet yesterday in Milan.  

I had a 7:15 flight from Vienna to Bergamo and then an hour bus ride to Milan.  I booked a B&B so I dropped off my backpack, had a short nap and then headed out to meet Azalea.

I took her to lunch and we traded some family stories.  Afterwards we walked around the city a bit before she had to catch her train back.  I don't have any contact with that side of the family so I wasn't quite sure how this would end up.  I'm glad that I did it for my aunt and Azalea really is a sweet girl.  She's only got a couple of weeks left in Italy before she goes back home to California so I'm glad that I did this.

Although I wasn't so happy this morning.  I had to leave before 3 am to catch a bus to the main station, then another bus back to Bergamo for my 6:40 Ryanair flight.  I hate Ryanair, and the middle of night travelling wasn't ideal, but at least it was a direct flight to the Brno Airport and I was back home in my flat by 9:30 this morning.

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