Sunday, November 3, 2019

Mauerfall 30

It's hard to believe that the Berlin Wall fell almost thirty years ago.  Next week is the 30th anniversary of Mauerfall.  It seems like just yesterday that I wrote about the 20th and 25th anniversaries and now the 30th is fast approaching. 

The Tränenpalast, known as the Palace of Tears, was the Berlin Friedrichstrße station which was the border crossing point for East Germans to go to West Berlin.  

There was a separate border point for West Germans and other nationalities to enter East Germany.  It was in operation from 1962 to 1989.  In 2011 it reopened as a museum.

It's a great museum and entry is free.  Well worth checking out.

Here's a short video I found out on YouTube about the museum.


Update:  Here's a DW video I that talks a bit more about the 30th anniversary and some of the challenges in Germany since reunification.

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