Saturday, November 23, 2019

Holiday Care Packages

Today I shipped care packages to my niece and nephew in California.  I always pick up something for each of them during all of my adventures and ship them over as Christmas presents.  I send them to my sister and she puts everything in to gift bags.  

The boxes are filled with Advent calendars, t-shirts, lots of candy, and whatever knick-knacks I can find.  Sometimes it's a bit difficult because as they grow their sizes and interests change.  It will be so much easier when they're older and I can just send them shot glasses.  I'm sure my sister would kill me for that.

I dropped off the boxes at the post office today and had to fill out customs declarations for each.  It's about 1500 Kč ($65) to ship them and the boxes should arrive in three or four weeks.  

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