Friday, July 12, 2019

Lau Pa Sat, Singapore

After our day trip to Johor Bahru, Natalie and I went out to dinner in Singapore before she had to leave for the airport to head back to Wellington.

We decided to grab dinner at Lau Pa Sat which translates to "Old Market".  It opened as Telok Ayer Market in 1824 as a fish market.  It was rebuilt in 1838 and moved to its current location in downtown Singapore's financial district in 1894.

It's basically a food court in one of South-East Asia's oldest Victorian structures.  In 1973 it became a Singapore national monument.

Lau Pa Sat is open 24/7.  It is 5500 square metres and sits 2000 people inside.  After 7 pm (or 3 pm on weekends and holidays) the adjacent area opens up with about a dozen outdoor stalls, fold-out tables and plastic chairs.  The outdoor area keeps going until 3 am.

It's a must-do if you want some excellent satay.  Most items start around 5 Singapore dollars (€3,20).
We went with chicken, beef, and prawn satay.  Quite tasty and it's a good thing that I've lost 17 kg (37,5 lbs) because all of the food today has been awesome. 

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