Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Batu Caves, Malaysia

The Batu Caves are about 13 km (8 miles) from Kuala Lumpur.  It's basically a limestone hill with caves and temples inside.  The caves are one of the most popular Hindu shrines outside of India.

It is home to the world's tallest statue of the Hindu deity Mungan.
The statue is 42,7 metres (140 feet) tall.

The limestone forming the caves is supposed to be around 400 million years old.

Besides the caves, the other popular attraction are the monkeys.  Long-tailed Macaques hang out along the steps leading up to the caves.  Everyone wants a selfie with the monkeys.

It's a hike up the stairs to the caves but it's worth it.  The caves and temples are interesting.  This is an easy half-day trip from the city.

Plus...there are monkeys.  Here's me and the monkey.  Sounds like the best cop-buddy-mystery-crime-solving TV show ever!

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