Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Czech University of Defence

There's always something going on at náměstí Svobody.  It turns out that it was practice for the University of Defence graduation ceremony.  I hear that jets will fly over the square during the real ceremony.  Here's a bit about the university.

Univerzita obrany (UO) is the only military academy of the Czech Armed Forces.  It was established on 1 September 2004 by combining three former military collages - the Brno Military Academy, the Military University of the Ground Forces in Vyškov, and the Purkyně Miliary Academy in Hradec Králové.

There is an NBC Defence Institute in Vyškov.  In Brno, there's a language centre, a physical training and sports centre, and the Security and Military Strategic Studies Centre.

The university consists of three faculties - Military Leadership, Military Technology, and Military Health Sciences.  Students can earn complete bachelor, master, and doctoral degree programmes in military management, economics, engineering and health care.

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