Sunday, February 24, 2019

Český slavík

Český slavík is the Czech equivalent to an American Grammy Award.  It translates to "Czech Nightingale" and is awarded to recognise outstanding achievement in the Czech music industry.

In Czechoslovakia the Zlatý slavík (Golden Nightingale) was awarded from 1962 until 1991.  The Český slavík was established in 1996.  Since 1999 the award has been sponsored by Mattoni, the mineral water producer.

Unlike the Grammys, the award here is only given for four categories:  male singer, female singer, musical group, and absolute nightingale which I think is something like 'best new artist'.

From what I understand the award is prestigious but there's pretty much a monopoly on winning it.  Since 1996, Karel Gott and Lucie Bilá have each won it twenty times, and the group Kabát has won it 12 times.  I don't know what the judging criteria is but does seem odd that not a lot of people have had an opportunity to win.

In 2011, Gabriela Gunčíková won best new artist and Kryštof won best group in 2013.

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