Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Gabriela Gunčíková

Eurovision starts tonight and the Czechs are going for it again.  Gabriela Gunčíková will represent Czechland this week.

She is also known as Gabriela Gun.  2011 was a busy year for her as she came in second in Česko Slovensko SuperStar.  Then she placed seventh on Let's Dance which is the Slovak version of Dancing with the Stars.  (Strictly Come Dancing for all of my UK folks.)  She capped off 2011 by winning Best New Artist at Český slavík which are the Czech Grammys.

Last year the Czech Eurovision entry did not make it to the finals.  Let's hope for a place in the finals this year.  Her song for this year's competition is called I Stand and it is in English.  Here's the song which I found out on YouTube.

©Eurovision Song Contest

Update:  The Czechs finally make it to the finals!  Gabriela placed 9th in the first semi-finals with 161 points.  This Saturday she will compete in the grand final.

Update:  With 41 points, she placed 25th out of the 26 finalists.  At least Czechland finally made it to the grand final for the first time ever.  Let's see if they can make it again next year.

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