Sunday, February 10, 2019

Skleněný pokoj

It's finally happened.  The Glass Room, the awesome book by Simon Mawer, has been made in to a movie and it comes out in a few weeks.

Skleněný pokoj has an international cast and the move will be released in English.

Yesterday at Vila Tugendhut, there was a small exhibition showing some of the movie costumes.  The whole exhibition could be done in only 30 minutes but it was still interesting.

Here's the movie trailer that I found out on YouTube.  I really can't wait to see the movie.

Update:  I finally got around to seeing the movie.  Natalie was in town so it was only fitting to go see the film with her since she had loaded me the book.  Well, the cinematography and costuming were great.  The movie itself...meh.  It was OK but I left disappointed overall.  There were some significant liberties taken between the book and the film.  The book is way better.  

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