Wednesday, October 31, 2018

150 Years of Brno Trams

Brno has one of the oldest permanently used tram networks in the world and next year will be 150th anniversary.

In 1869 a horse-drawn tram line started operating.  Steam trams began operation in 1884 until 1914.  The first electric rail lines began operating in 1900.

In Czech the word for 'tram' is tramvaj.  In the Brno dialect the word is šalina which comes from the German 'Elektrische Line' meaning electric lines.

In November a jubilee tram will begin operating.  The art deco tram will run on lines #4 and #8.

Next year there will be a ceremony which will include the people who sponsored seats on the new tram.  I'm one of the patrons.

Update: (December 2018)  I haven't been on the tram yet but a friend sent me a photo of the seat I sponsored.
Update: (April 2019) I finally saw the tram.

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