Saturday, October 27, 2018

Czech Pastries

On special occasions it is common to bring in a box of sweets to the office.  Kind of like bringing in a box of donuts in the USA but way, way better.  When it comes to Czech sweets there is more than just medovník and Christmas cookies.

Any Cukrána, a sweet shop/bakery, will have dozens of choices of mini pastries and small slices of cake to choose from.

Schwarzvaldsk​ý dort
 (Black Forrest cake)
One thing that I've had to get used to over the years is that sweets here are no where near as sweet as in the USA.  Cakes here, which look quite decadent, just aren't as sinful as back home.  This goes for the whipped cream too.  In the USA, whipped cream is sweet but here it isn't.  It's just whipped cream without any extra sugar.

Větrník (a pinwheel) is basically creampuff that's filled with vanilla and caramel cream, and is then topped with a caramel glaze.

Věneček is a bit smaller with a hole in the middle.

Kremrole is a cream role.  Puffy, crispy dough filled with either whipped cream or meringue.  Kind of like a cannoli and oh so good.

Kokosová laskonka is a white coconut meringue with a creamy filling.  Basically a Czech macaroon and a way lower price than you'd pay in France.

Pěnový indiánek are "little foamy Indians"; basically kind of a tall chocolate covered marshmallow on a small cookie base.  I guess it would be the Czech cultural equivalent of a Twinkie, but different.

Třený rohlíček are "rolled little rolls".  Basically cookies (or "biscuits" in British English) sandwiched with cream or marmalade and often dipped in chocolate.

Kávový oválek, little coffee ovals, are basically the same thing as a rohlíček just in a different shape and flavour.

Šlehačková trubička is a little whipped cream tube.  This one filled with chocolate cream.

Krémová trojroláda is a cream role cake covered in chocolate.

Linecké are Linzer cookies.  Crisp butter cookies sandwiched with redcurrant jam and dusted with powered sugar (icing sugar).

Punčový řez is a slice of punch cake. Usually rum punch and popular with the adults.

Tvarohový řez is a slice of tvaroh cake.  So here's the deal on tvaroh.  It is translated as "curd cheese" but it's not the same thing as cream cheese or cottage cheese.  It's not ricotta cheese either.  It is strained mile curds without any added salt and it has about the same fat content as yogurt.  It is kind of sweet but sort of a moderately sour cream cheese, but much drier than American cream cheese.  In Germany and Austria they call it Qvark which also has no equivalent in English.

Jahodo-jogurtový řez is strawberry yogurt cake with a layer of gelatine on top.

Banánový tunel is a chocolate banana cream roll cake.

This is just a small sample of Czech sweets.  And before anyone asks, I did not eat all of these.  One of the lads at work has a mom with a cukrána.

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