Monday, May 20, 2013

2013 Museum Night

Saturday night was Brno's 9th annual museum night.  Due to increasing costs, this is the first year that the festivities weren't free.

However, the organizers only charged 20 Kč ($1) at the first museum.  Then any of the remaining 15 venues were free.  What a great bargain!

This year, the Brno Philharmonic joined the program offering 15-minute guided tours of the Besední dům (Community Hall) with mini musical performances.  This was an awesome opportunity to go behind the scenes at one Europe's largest orchestras.

The Brno Philharmonic was formed in 1956.  Its home is the Besední dům which was the workplace of legendary Czech composer & conductor Leoš Janáček.

In 1918, the front balcony was used to inform the townspeople that the newly formed country of Czechoslovakia declared independence after almost 400 years of being ruled by the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

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