Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Asparagus Festival

On Sunday, Natalie, Krasimir and I headed off to the 19th annual Asparagus Festival in Ivančice.  The town, with around 9,500 residents is about 20 km (12.5 miles) southwest of Brno.

The festival actually started in Brno with a special steam train ride to Ivančice.  Many people were dressed up in 19th century costumes and we were were met at the station by live music.

The small town was packed with people there for the festival.

I love asparagus but who knew you could do so many things with it.  We had asparagus soup, asparagus quiche, asparagus sushi, asparagus tempura, asparagus salad, asparagus with fish, asparagus with beef, and on and on. 

Asparagus ice cream

It was all quite tasty.  However, I just couldn't get in to the asparagus ice cream.

After filling up on asparagus everything we went for a walk around the town.  We explored the local Jewish cemetery whose oldest tombstone dates back to 1552.  

Ivančice is worth another visit.  There is the Gothic parish Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and a museum for former resident, Art-Nouveau painter Alfons Mucha.

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