Friday, May 17, 2013

My Parents Are Finally Coming!!

I've been living in Euroland for almost four years.  So it's about time that my parents have finally decided to come visit me.  Yeah!!  They've been to Canada and Mexico before but this will be their first visit this side of the pond.

They won't get here until September, 2014.  Yes, 2014.  But they are already hard at work planning.  Perhaps this really is where I get the whole project management gene from.

Anyway, they are coming for six weeks and are bringing my Aunt and Uncle.  Which is a good thing.  My Aunt and Uncle have at least been to Europe before so they can help show them the ropes.

Europe is a big place
The itinerary?  Well it depends on if they fly in to Prague or Vienna.  The plan will be to spend two weeks in Prague.  From there we will visit Karlovy Vary, Český Krumlov, Kutná Hora, Plzeň,  Konopiště and Dresden.

Then on to Brno for a couple of weeks.  Aside from all of the wine festivals, we will go see Olomouc, Mikulov, Telč, Kroměříž, Třebíč and Znojmo.  At some point I'll probably have to work a few days so they will be on their own to possibly go to Bratislava or Budapest.  I'll, for sure, take them to Vienna.  Possibly Salzburg too.

The last two weeks of their trip will be just the four of them.  They will probably head towards Munich or possibly Zürich before flying home.  There was talk at one time about possibly seeing Scotland or Ireland but I think that this idea is out now.

The official bag
In anticipation of their trip they have watched every possible Rick Steves video on YouTube.  Somehow they have the crazy idea that they will go for six weeks with just carry on suitcases.  They could at least bring a couple of suitcases of supplies for me but oh well.  They have already picked up their official Rick Steves bags.

For those of you not in the know, here's a 2005 video about Rick Steves.
©Rick Steves

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