Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Brno Philharmonic

Filharmonie Brno was formed in 1956 and last September it kicked off its 67th season.  The season includes three international tours.  Last October the Philharmonic was in the UK and South Korea, and in February it will play seven locations.

08.02. - Carnigie Hall - New York City, NY
10.02. - Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, MI
13.02. - Granada Theatre, Santa Barbora, CA
14.02. - McCallum Theatre, Palm Desert, CA
15.02. - The Soraya, Northridge, CA
18.02. - Helzberg Hall, Kansas City, MO
20.02. - Buddy Holly Hall, Lubbock, TX

This will be the first time that the Brno Philharmonic has played in the USA in 50 years.

©Filharmonie Brno/Brno Philharmonic

Besední dům is home to the philharmonic.  In May it will celebrate 150 years since it opened.

It 1918, the front balcony was used to inform the townspeople that the newly formed country of Czechoslovakia declared independence after almost 400 years of being ruled by the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Dennis Russell Davis is the Brno Philharmonic's music director and chief conductor.  He's American and earned his doctorate at Juilliard.

He's been the chief conductor in Brno since the 2018-2019 season.

There's a cool thing that the philharmonic is doing this season to help get children interested in music.  Na půlku za půlku (Half for Half) is geared for children form 7 to 12 years old, who can manage the first half of a concert but aren't yet old enough to manage the second half.  So on three selected Friday evenings, kids and their parents enjoy the first half of the concert, and during the second half, there's a music workshop for the kids while the parents continue to enjoy the concert without them.  On these evenings, the children's discounted tickets receive a further 50% discount.

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