Monday, January 23, 2023

Mendel University

Mendel University, MENDELU, was founded in 1919, making it the country's oldest independent specialised university.

It was originally established as the University of Agriculture in Brno.  It 1994 it was renamed the Mendel Agricultural and Forestry University in Brno.  From 2010, it has been Mendel University, named after Johann Gregor Mendel - the father of modern genetics.

MENDLU is a public institution with more than 12.000 students studying for bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees in five faculties and one university institute.

Faculty of Agronomy
Faculty of Forestry and Wood
Faculty of Business Administration and Economics
Faculty of Horticulture
Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies
Institute of Lifelong Education

It is a public university and degrees offered in Czech are free.  Some programmes are taught in English but students have to pay for this.  

In June 2020, for the first time, MENDELU made the QS World University Rankings top 1000.  It placed #701-750.  Here's a short English-language video I found on YouTube about the university.

©Mendelova univerzita v Brně

The university has just run into some trouble.  The National Accreditation Office for Higher Education (NAÚ), has withdrawn accreditation for the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics for doctoral studies in economics.  This only impacts doctoral studies in the one faculty.  Apparently there have been some discrepancies due to plagiarism and some foreign (paying) students have been able to complete doctorate degrees within 30 months.  Normally a doctorate degree should take around 48 months or more to complete.  It appears that the decision to withdraw accreditation isn't final and the university will be able to appeal.

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