Monday, March 28, 2011

Győr Thermal Bath

Rába Quelle is the indoor waterpark and thermal baths in Győr. It has five different pools with spa jets, water features, some slides and even a swim up bar. And a separate section of children. Lots of fun!!
The healing effect of Győr’s waters was mentioned in medieval chronicles. The water comes from three thermal wells 2,000 m (+6,550 ft) at a temperature of 67 °C (~153 °F). The water is chlorine free and was certified as medicinal water in 1978. There are also saunas, steam rooms and a jacuzzi. Massages and physiotherapy services are also available.
During the day you can see lots of tour buses, from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria, full of people coming to enjoy the thermal spa. The best time to go is at 6 PM when it is mostly just locals and there is a discount. Normally a three hour pass and the sauna package is 3.800 Ft (~$20) but from 6 to 9 PM it is only 2.800 Ft (~$15).
When you go in you are given a colored wrist band that indicates if you have selected one of the sauna options. You are also given a black wrist band with a chip in it. With the black wrist band you can open and close your assigned locker. It can also be used to track any purchases at the swim up bar.
After a long day of walking around town a visit to the thermal baths is definitely a wonderful treat. After three hours in the pools, saunas and hot tub I slept like a baby. Next time I will be sure to add on a massage too.

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