Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Confederate Czech Hot Dogs

I've mentioned before that hot dogs over here are different. Well now there is a new hot dog vendor in Brno. Actually it's a hot dog truck that's parked by the overpass that leads to IBM and the technical university.

The funny thing is that the guy has a Confederate flag
Someone told me that he had seen a Confederate flag outside of a club in Munich, Germany. When he asked about the flag he was told that was the flag for rhythm and blues music. Ummm...I lived in Atlanta for 13 years. The flag has nothing to do with rhythm and blues music.

One of my colleagues asked the hot dog vendor and he said that he uses the flag because hot dogs are American. But he doesn't want to fly an American flag because he doesn't like the U.S. government. But he was quick to point out that he's not a racist. Just weird.


  1. It seems to be closed now (at least the website is down), but in Leipzig the New Orleans American Bar was a gay bar with the confederate flag draped all over the place. See my post about it for more.

  2. What exactly do you find weird about not flying American flag because he does not like US government?

  3. I don't find it weird that someone doesn't like the U.S. government and does not want to fly the flag. I find it weird that someone flys the Confederate flag outside of the South. Of course, I'm from the South and I don't like that flag there either.