Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gram 1919 - 2011

My grandmother recently passed away which has been really hard. This June she would have been 92 years old. It has been a rough couple of weeks to say the least.

People ask me quite often about the benefits of living abroad. Well this is when living overseas, and so far away from your family, isn't so great. Especially when dealing with the 9 hour time difference between here and California.

I've called my grandmother every Sunday for years. When I told her that I was moving to Europe she was afraid that she wouldn't get her Sunday calls anymore. She didn't really get how Skype worked. All she knew is that every Sunday I called her mobile phone from my computer.

One of her very good friends from church used to come by several times a week to give her communion. They would also sit together and read all of my blog posting from Europe. Thank you Francis!! I really appreciate everything you did for my grandmother.

Although I miss her a lot, I know that Gram is in a better place and I need to be happy about that. Though it's especially tough on Sundays.

Update:  Here's a memorial video that my mom's cousin (my first cousin, once removed) made a posted on YouTube.


  1. Chris, I am so honored that I had the pleasure of meeting your Grandmother. She was an amazing woman and it was so evident of how proud of you she was at all of your accomplishments. Take comfort in know that she will always be with you.

  2. Chris, What a wonderful tribute to Gram. Take comfort in knowing that she is "upstairs" watching over you, and will be your entire life!!
    We love and miss you, Mom and Dad

  3. Hey Chris! So sorry for your loss. I know how much your grandmother meant to you. You're right. She's in a betterplace and you are all so lucky tohave had her for so long. xoxo :) Love and kisses!