Sunday, July 25, 2010


On Tuesday, I'm headed to Croatia for a week's holiday. I have a ČSA (Czech Airlines) flight from Prague to Split, on the Dalmatian coast. From there, I'll take a ferry for a couple of hours to the island of Hvar. On Friday, I'll head back to Split for four nights. The plan is to spend some time on the beaches, knock out a couple of books and just generally relax. I'm thinking of taking a day trip to Brač island and to Međugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina on either Saturday or Sunday.

Dubrovnik was another possibility but it's at least 6 hours by bus to get there from Split. So that will be a future visit.

Croatia was one of the six republics of Yugoslavia until it declared independence in June 1991. Things have long since stabilized since the war in the Balkans during the early 90's. Croatia is now a part of NATO and is working towards joining the EU.

Croatia is a very popular vacation spot for Czechs. My Czech teacher thinks that I'll meet plenty of Czechs there so I can still practice while on holiday. I've been told that German is more useful than English so between that and my limited Czech I figure that I'll be OK. Now the countdown begins until my flight. I soooo can't wait to hit the beach!!

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