Wednesday, July 21, 2010

39th Birthday

So today was my birthday and it went well. One thing is for was way better than a year ago. Last year, I had just moved and had only been in the ČR for a few weeks. I didn't know anyone yet, spoke even less Czech than I do now, was still in my temporary lodging, and had intermittent Internet connectivity so I wasn't able to speak to my friends or family. I remember wondering if I had made a big mistake by picking up and moving here. What a difference a year makes...

Rob has been working swing shifts but he got up before I left for work and gave me a travel book for my Paris trip in September. Plus, an upcoming day trip to Lednice. It was a nice way to start off the day.

Birthdays are done a little different over here. Here it's up to the birthday boy (or girl) to do stuff for one's own b-day. So I stopped by a bakery on the way to the office and took in a bunch of pastries for everyone at work. Throughout the day people came up to me, shook my hand (or did the European double kiss on the cheek), and wished me a happy birthday. It was really nice.

I had not planned any kind of party or anything because I'm going to Croatia next week. Claudia suggested just having dinner with Helena and Ferro at this Indian & Arabian restaurant in town. Well it turned out to be a surprise and it was great to also have Katka, Štěpánka, Vladan, Pavel and Tomáš join us for dinner.

I also made it to the post office to pick up a care package from my family. Yeah!!! My parents, grandmother and sister sent lots of different seasoning packets, peanut butter, mustard, jelly beans, pickle relish, diced green chillies, sliced almonds, clams, mac 'n cheese, and other goodies. Thanks everyone! My niece Emme included a potholder that she made me and some peanut butter cookies from her girl scout troop. Thanks Emme!

The other great thing that happened is that my house closed in Atlanta. What a relief!! No more having to continuously wire money to the U.S. to pay my mortgage back home. Overall...a really great day!

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