Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kraví hora

This past Sunday, I went with my friend, Kamila, to Kraví hora (Cow Mountain). Kraví hora is one of Brno's public swimming pools and it's not far from my flat. There is both an outdoor and indoor pool, a jacuzzi, a separate pool for kids, and lots of room to sunbathe.

One of my colleagues asked me what the difference was going to an American pool vs. a Czech pool?

Well #1 I had to go to a Czech pool. In the U.S., the pool was in my backyard. And #2, the topless girls. Since this is Europe there is a lot of topless sunbathing. Sorry guys, no pictures of the topless girls...that would have been tacky.

This is one of the most popular pools so it can get quite crowded. During the Summer it's open from 9 AM - 10 PM but it's better to get there early. It only costs 50 Kč (~$2.50) for three hours, and 10 Kč (50¢) for each additional hour. An all-day pass is only 100 Kč.

There's also a great view of the castle from the pool area. Beside the pool, Kraví hora also has plenty of grassy areas for picnics, long walks and there is also an observatory/planetarium.

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