Sunday, February 26, 2023

75th Anniversary of Communist Coup

Yesterday was the 75th anniversary of the Communist coup that put the Czechoslovak Communist Party (KSČ) in power for 41 years until the Velvet Revolution

Czechoslovakia had free elections in 1946.  The Communists took the largest share of the vote in Czechland but they were a distant second in Slovakia.

The Communists needed to take control of the country or the Red Army, stationed on the Hungarian border were prepared to invade and help take over.

The takeover led to Stalin-style show trials, such as the one against Milada Horáková.

Here's a video I found out on YouTube about the coup.

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Russian troops on the border threatening to invade unless they get what they want.  Sounds familiar.  
Я за Україну. Я за Україною. Слава Україні  Stojím za Ukrajinou!  I stand with Ukraine. 🇺🇦

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