Thursday, June 28, 2018


Yesterday at náměstí Svobody (Freedom Square) there was a remembrance for the victims of communism.  Two victims in particular were Milada Horáková and Jan Palach.

Milada Horáková was a sociologist, lawyer, and a politician.  She was arrested by the StB in 1949 and accused of leading a plot to overthrow the Communist regime.  Following a political show trial she was executed in 1950.

Jan Palach was a history and political economy student in Prague.  In 1968 the Soviet Union and other Warsaw Pact countries invaded Czechoslovakia to put down the liberal reforms known as the Prague Spring.  In protest of the occupation he lit himself on fire in 1969 and died of his burns a few days later.

The event was also a protest against the Communist party.  The current Czech Prime Minister is Andrej Babiš.  He's the 2nd richest man in the country and he was elected back in October 2017.  It's been reported that he was once an StB agent.  The protest against the Communists is because they will likely help form a minority cabinet.

Update:  In 2017 the film Milada was released.  Here's the English-language movie trailer.  

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