Saturday, February 11, 2023


Datart is a consumer electronics store with shops across Czechia and Slovakia.  

The company was founded in Prague in 1990 and they opened their first stone in 1992.  In 2019 they opened the 100th store in Czechland.  

This is the place to go for home appliances, computers, cameras, kitchenware, music systems, mobile phones, and accessories.  If there's something that I need though I tend to order online. 

I always had a problem with how to pronounce it.  I first thought it was "Data-Art" but is it actually "Data-rt" or "Dat-art?"

Back in 2017, they were acquired by HP Tronic Group for an undisclosed amount.

Here's a commercial for Datart that I found out on YouTube.  It's at least a couple of years old.


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