Thursday, September 8, 2022

St. Anne's University Hospital

St. Anne's Hospital, Nemocnice u sv. Anny,  is the oldest and second-largest hospital in Brno after FN Bohunice.  St. Anne's is also a teaching hospital for Masaryk University's Faculty of Medicine.

The hospital was established in 1786, following a royal decree in 1784, in a former Dominican monastery.  A better facility was needed and a new hospital was built in the city centre.

The main entrance building was built in 1868 from the design of Theophil Hansen who was a famous architect from Vienna.

The hospital is managed by the Ministry of Health.  The hospital specialises in cardiovascular care, oncology, intensive care medicine, neurology and neurosurgery.  However there are 30 specialist workplaces and 17 specialised care facilities.  

The International Clinical Research Centre, focuses on research into heart and brain diseases, and is the result of cooperation between St. Anne's and the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, New York, USA.

More than a million patients are treat each year on an outpatient basis.  There are 890 beds with around 20.000 operations performed annually.  More than 3000 people work here.

St. Anne's is where I had my first Czech medical experience.  It's also where I came to for my first PCR test and where I had my second test when I got Covid-19.  I just spent 12 days in hospital and let me tell you that the staff there is awesome.  Here's a short video that I found out on YouTube about sv. Anny.  


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