Wednesday, September 7, 2022

New Electric Trains

About two weeks ago the South Moravian Region unveiled the first of 37 new electric trains at Hlavní nádráží.  South Moravia is the first region to purchase its own trains which will replace the older fleet, some of which are more than 50 years old.  These will also be Czechland's first electric trains.

There will be 31 four-car trains with 333 seats and six two-car trains with 146 seats.  The trains will be able to go up to 160 km/h (almost 100 mph).

Production of the Škoda trains began two years ago and the first trains will leave Brno sometime this fall.  The entire project cost 6,65 billion Kč ($310 million) but 85% was covered by an EU subsidy of 5,5 billion Kč (+$310 million).

The trains will run on the S2 and S3 lines, both of which are regional backbone line.  

The S2 line runs Křenovice - Sokolnice - Brno - Blansko - Skalice nad Svitavou - Letovice.  The S3 line runs Níhov - Tišnov - Brno hl.n. - Vranovice - Šakvice - Hustopeče / Tišnov - Brno hl.n. - Židlochovice.

The trains will be initially operated by České dráhy until 2025.  One of the requirements in order to get that 85% EU subsidy was that the carrier will be decided by tender procedure.  The tender process should be decided in 2024.  

Below is a video I found out on YouTube showing the trains.  They look like they are going to be pretty comfortable.  In keeping with the region's wine producing heritage, all of the trains will be named after varieties of grapes.


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