Thursday, March 17, 2022

How Czechs Describe European Countries

Just for a little light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek fun.  Especially given everything going on in Ukraine right not.  Here's a map of Europe with basically a tag line of for each country from the Czech perspective. 

Starting with Central Europe
Czechland = Home
Slovakia = Little bro ❤️
Germany = Big Sister
Austria = Annoying, rich neighbour 
Poland = Bro with big ego who is compensating for something
Hungary = Honorary Slavic bro
Slovenia = Our cute little cousins
Switzerland = Money

Estonia = Prague lite
Latvia = Pretend they can play ice hockey
Lithuania = Polish Slovakia

Denmark = Source of the bi-annual Danepocalypse
Norway = Natural wonderland
Sweden = Ikea
Finland = Nokia
Iceland = Here be volcanoes

Croatia = Primary holiday resort
Bulgaria = Secondary holiday resort
Montenegro = Tertiary holiday resort
Romania = Land of gypsies and abandoned babies
Serbia = We're sorry
Macedonia = LOL
Bosnia & Herzegovina and Albania = Friendly muslims
Greece = missing a comment

Belgium = The good dictator
Netherlands = Friend in weed is a friend indeed
Luxembourg = We learn about them in history class

England = Secret crush
Wales = Cool flag
Scotland = Men in kilts
Northern Ireland = Stockholm syndrome

Western Europe
Ireland = Here be whiskey
France = Arrogant traitors
Italy = Land of romance and culture
Spain = Big land of wine and sunshine
Portugal = Small land of wine and sunshine
Spain's Balearic Islands = Too many Germans

Russia = Our ex-wife
Belarus = Nostalgialand
Ukraine = Good migrants
Moldova = Romanian Slovakia
The Caucasus = Far-away Europe

Israel = BFF
Cyprus = Too many Russians
Turkey = It's complicated
The rest of the Middle East = Stop Right There

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