Wednesday, February 5, 2020

2020 Czech Eurovision Entry

Eurovision 2020 is coming up in a few months and this year it will be in The Netherlands.   Last year, Lake Malawi came in 11th place which is the country's second best finish.  Mikolas Josef finished in 6th place in 2018 which is Czechland's best finish to date.

2020 will be Czechia's ninth shot at the Eurovision title.  Česká televize had received 152 submissions to be the country's official entry.  Interestingly, of the 152 entries, only 72 were from Czech musicians.  Somehow the 152 was whittled down to seven.  The selection process was made up of combination of an international jury panel of ten former Eurovision entrants and a public vote made on the official Eurovision Song Contest app.

Here are the results...

In 7th place is Pam Rabbit with "Get Up".  Pam Rabbit was born in Armenia and came in 4th place during last year's selection process.  In 2018 she was a backup vocalist for Mikolas Josef during the Eurovision finals.

©PamRabbit Official

In 6th place was Olga Lounová with "Dark Water".  She started acting in TV and movies in 1998 and she released her first album in 2011.

©Olga Lounova

In 5th place was Karelll with "At Least We've Tried".  Karelll isn't well known on the Czech music scene. However he was the first Czech to take part in the Los Angeles MUSEXPO.


In 4th place was We All Poop and their song "All the Blood (Positive Song Actually)".  The group formed specifically to compete in this year's competition.


In 3rd place was Barbora Mochowa with "White & Black Holes".  She also came in 3rd place during last year's selection.

©Barbora Mochowa

In 2nd place was Elis Mraz & Čis T with "Wanna Be Like".  Eliška Mrázová reached the 2014 semifinals of Nova Hlas Česko Slovenska (The Czech-Slovak version of The Voice).  Čis T is a hip-hop artist from Bratislava who's released 13 studio albums.

©Elis Mraz

And 1st place went to Benny Cristo with his song "Kemama".  Benny Cristo is a Czech of Angolan descent and since 2013 he's had 11 top ten hits here in Czechia.  He's also a professional jiu-jitsu competitor and in 2009 he made the finals of SuperStar (the Czech-Slovak version of Pop Idol).

Here's the official Eurovision bio about him that I found out on YouTube.

Here's Czech Republic's official entry for the 2020 song contest.  "Kemama" is short of "Ok mama" and the song is entirely in English.

©Ben Cristovao

Benny will perform in the second semi-final round on 14 May.  Fingers crossed! 🤞

Update:  Eurovision was cancelled this year due to COVID-19.

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