Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sightseeing in Bratislava, Slovakia

Old Town
Yesterday, Krasimir and I headed off to Bratislava for the day.  I hadn't seen Liz since London and since she and her boyfriend, James, were in town for the weekend it seemed like a perfect excuse to head off to Slovakia for the day.

St. Michal's Gate

Krasimir had never been to Slovakia before so we just spent the day walking around the city and taking photos.  And of course, it was great to see Liz and James again.  Hopefully they will be able to make it to Brno for Thanksgiving this year.

We headed up to the castle to enjoy the view of the city and the Danube.

The House of the Good Shepard was built from 1760 to 1765.  Since 1975 it has been home to the Museum of Clocks.  This building is considered to be one of Central Europe's most beautiful Rococo-style buildings.

Blue Church

While the locals call it "Blava" it is still "Bratsville" to me.

One thing that cracked me up about this visit was that not once, but twice, I was told by locals how well I spoke Slovak for a foreigner.  One shopkeeper even asked me how long I had been studying Slovak.  Yeah, I was speaking Czech.  The only Slovak that I know is Ďakujem (thanks) Dovidenia (good bye).  I must admit that it was a bit of an ego boost.  Perhaps my Czech isn't too bad if Slovaks can understand me.

Well the ego boost didn't last long.  Once we got back to Brno, I said something in Czech and the shopkeeper didn't understand me.  I guess that bad Czech equals good Slovak.

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  1. Chris! So nice to hear about Bratislava after since I left :) And you saw Liz! I haven't even seen her since last November. Oh Chris, I wonder when you can make a trip to Sweden ;) It is amazing and now I am the local!