Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Dublin NYE

Happy New Year!  Last night was the Dublin New Year's Festival down at the River Liffey by the Custom House.

It's cool because there were three different shows.  At 6 pm there was a family friendly music and light show.  At 7 pm there was a "midnight matinee" countdown so that all of the kids could celebrate New Years.  It's brilliant because it also works for us old people that don't want to have to stay awake until midnight.

At 8 pm there was a countdown concert with live performances by Walking on Cars, Ash, Aimee, and Lisa McHugh.

Then at 11:30 pm there was another light show leading up to the midnight countdown.  We got out of there early and went to dinner.  New Year's has never been my favourite holiday.  Places are so crowded and there are way too many drunk people out.  I'd much rather have an early dinner and stay in so this was perfect.  I got to see the fireworks and was home in my pyjamas by midnight.

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