Saturday, January 26, 2019

2018 Good Country Index

The Good Country Index is a United Nations measure of "what country on earth contributes to the good of humanity."  The index is made up of 35 different data points which gives a ranking in seven categories and an overall ranking.

The seven categories are: Science and Technology, Culture, International Peace and Security, World Order, Planet and Climate, Prosperity and Equality, and Health and Well-being.

For 2018, the top 10 countries were...

  1.  Finland 
  2.  Netherlands
  3.  Ireland
  4.  Sweden
  5.  Germany
  6.  Denmark
  7.   Switzerland
  8.  Norway
  9.  France
  10.  Spain

Scandinavia scored really well.  It's interesting that all of the top 10 countries are in the European Union or the European Economic Area.

Czech Republic moved up two spots this year to #32.
Czechland was actually #2 for Science and Technology.  Wow!
The USA fell 15 spots from #25 in 2017 to #40 in 2018.

The bottom three countries were #161 Mauritania, #162 Libya, and #163 Iraq. 

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