Friday, January 20, 2017

18 Nominations for Sainthood

Czechs have nominated 18 people for sainthood.  This really seems quite a lot for one of the world's most atheist countries.

It's now up to Pope Francis to decide which candidates will be beatified and canonised.  Several of the nominations are martyrs and the process is less complicated because it's not necessary to prove miracles connected to a martyr.

The process of beatification can take decades, or longer.  To date only three Czechs have ever been canonised by the Roman Catholic Church.

Zdislava Berka, also known as Zdislava of Lemberk, from 1220 - 1252.  She was a pious noblewoman who founded a convent.  She was canonised in 1996.

Jan Sarkander, from 1576 - 1620, was a Polish Roman Catholic priest.  He was active in defending the faith during a period of anti-Christian conflict.  He was tortured for a month before he died.  He was canonised in 1995.

St. Agnes of Bohemia, from 1211 - 1282, was canonised by Pope John Paul II in 1989 right before the Velvet Revolution.  St. Agnes was a princess who opted for a life of charity and established the only religious order from Bohemia.

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