Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Public Transportation Fees

Currently the cost of a one-year public transportation pass in Brno is 4.750 Kč (~$215).  That's for unlimited use of the trams, busses, and trolley busses.  Plus with the annual pass, a person gets to ride with you for free on weekends and public holidays.

I think it's a great deal here.  By comparison, a similar pass in Stuttgart, Germany, costs around €70 ($82) per month.  In Dublin, the cost of an annual bus ticket is €1250 ($1,470), and that's just for the bus.  Including the trams will cost you more.  Brno is a bargain.  

This year the price of an annual Brno pass will drop to 3.325 Kč ($150).

In order to qualify for the reduced price you have to be a permanent resident in Brno, have paid the annual waste collection fee, and you must purchase it online.

You first have to register on the e-shop.  Pay the full price of 4.750 Kč.  You need to complete a request form for the Brno city office to verify that you are a permanent resident and that the waste collection fee has been paid.  Once verified, you will receive a refund of 1.425 Kč within 3 months.

The thing that I don't like is that you no longer receive a paper ticket.  The debit or credit card you used to purchase the pass becomes your ticket.  Fortunately, for those that don't want to use their bank card can buy an anonymous card available from the public transportation office.

My pass won't expire until September so I've got plenty of time to decide if I'll just use my card or one of the anonymous cards.

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