Sunday, September 21, 2014

600 Year Old Wine Cellar

On Friday night we went to dinner at U Královny Elišky.  This wine cellar, next to the Basilica Minor and monastery, was established in 1323 by Queen Dowager Eliška Rejčka.  It's not every day that you go to eat in a 600 year old wine cellar.  Well actually, around 691 years old but who's counting?   

After WWII, the Czechoslovak government used the place for storage.  It was renovated and in 1965 it became a wine cellar again and in the 80's it was also a disco.  There's still a wine press here that dates back to 1711.

We were joined by Claudia, Helenka and Fero.  Everything was wonderful.  For most of the evening we had the place all to ourselves.

Fero knows the musicians who normally play there on Saturday nights, and you just happen to be part of the Brno Philharmonic.  Fero did me a favor and got the guys to play on Friday night instead.  So we were pretty much serenaded by our own personal master musicians.  It was a really great evening.

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