Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Finally in Brno

We finally arrived in Brno on Sunday.  And I've been busy showing my family around the city.

All the typical things...Petrov, Špilberk, Vila Tugendhat, náměstí Svobodý, the Red Church, and of course we couldn't miss the clock.

View from Petrov

Mom, the dragon & the wheel

No visit to Brno is complete without going to the old town hall to see the dragon.  

In 2008, the light bulb sculpture was created in memory of Thomas Edison who installed electric lighting in the Mahen Theater in 1882.  Since both of my parents worked for Southern California Edison I had to get a photo of them in front of the light bulbs.

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  1. Ha! Total bonafides to your claim of being a Californian now that you've revealed your Mom and Dad worked for SoCalE. I've loved following along on the trip. Thanks for sharing with us out here in bloglandia.