Thursday, June 19, 2014

Brno Bans Soliciting

Brno city council members have now banned soliciting anywhere in the city.  Apparently there was a previous ruling that restricted it to certain places.  A prostitute caught soliciting will now be fined 1000 Kč ($50) on the spot or will get a ticket and have to pay up to 30.000 Kč ($1,500) to the authorities later.

I hadn't realized that there was a solicitation problem but then again I'm not exactly looking for it either.

How it works in Czechland is that prostitution is legal but soliciting isn't.  So one can have sex for money but it is against the law to offer sex for money.  Loczech.  Although organized prostitution is illegal, there are a number of brothels in Prague and I'm sure there are in other Czech cities as well.  It's not an uncommon site to see Czech prostitutes working the roads near the German or Austrian borders.

In some other countries, like Germany or Austria for example, prostitution is legal.  Prostitutes have to be registered with the state, undergo periodic health exams and pay taxes.  In the past, the Czech government has tried to legalize prostitution but attempts never get approved by the parliament.

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